Friday, April 18, 2008

I missed The Roots for this!!

While everyone was rocking out to The Roots last night I was busy replacing the shot wheel bearings and axles on the s13. Fun.

Thanks to Danny from PG I scored some Circuit Sports rear spindles that I mated with some new bearings.

Note the difference..

Everything was going fine until I put on the new hubs and realized that they weren't going to work with my z32 brakes(well just the e-brake).

The Circuit Sports spindles are alot thicker than the stock ones. Thick enough to hit on all of the e-brake components!

Old. OK. Yea. Good, great, grand!


So much for an e-brake! I just removed the whole assembly from the upright. I think I'll just downgrade to s14 rear calipers. The z32 rears were a little much anyway. Other than that, AWESOME. No more wobbly wheels.

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