Sunday, June 8, 2008

Still in Kansas..

So....I was almost in a tornado. Or so I thought. It started out with a cool looking cloud that I decided to take a picture of. Then five seconds later that cloud turned into another totally different looking one. Then it got SOOO windy. Then the tornado sirens started going off(ok wtf). Then it stopped. Then it rained for a second. Then the sun came out. Then it got dark. Done.

(8:48pm) Oh hey, a cool cloud. I'll take a picture.

(8:53pm)WTF cool cloud! You turned not cool.

(8:58pm)I couldnt take pictures of the 100mph winds or the tornado sirens blazing. This was the after math though.

All of this happened within less than 10 minutes witch was kinda strange. I'm not sure if an actually tornado touched down in the area, but it sure felt like it could have.

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megan boo boobs said...

cool pictures! i thought they were professionally taken at first until i realized they were of the tornado you told me about last night. you should think about going pro... haha!